How To Make Good Coffee


COFFEE flickr photo by kendrak shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Ever since I moved to the bay area back in March last year, I’ve been a bit manic about coffee and especially making it at home. Given the amount of independent roasters in the United States that are ready to ship their beans directly to me and even offer subscription services that keep me loaded, it just felt like perfect place to start honing my coffee brewing skills.

In the ~18 months I’ve lived here, I started quite a few mornings by brewing my cuppa joe and tried a few methods but eventually ended up sticking to one that I’m listing out below.

What You Need

Burr Grinder: I have a Baratza Encore which comes highly recommended by coffee snobs, but there are alternatives that are both cheaper and expensive depending on what you’re looking for.

Scale: Precision results in good coffee. Invest in a good scale like this one. Trust me on this.

A Pour-Over Dripper: I personally use a paperless model made by JavaPress which means you don’t have to deal with buying and replacing paper filters every time you brew a cup. Just remember to wash it once you’re done.

Kettle: I highly recommend the Bonavita Pour-Over Electric Kettle with variable temperature controls. I want to be able to control as many variables as I can and this model helps me set the ideal temperature (around 96C or 205F) for coffee.

Brewing Steps

This is where things start getting subjective and there’s no “one size fits all” to getting it right which means you get to tweak the way you brew your cuppa based on how strong/weak you enjoy it. There are few resources on the web I’d recommend based on my tastes, but feel free to do your own research.

— Blue Bottle Coffee has a great set of guides on their website which great pictures for every step and go way beyond simply doing pour overs.

— One of my favourite guides on making coffee without a lot of fuss is by BuzzFeed. You’ll need a Clever Dripper for this, but you’re not going to regret buying one.

— If you decide to go ahead with the same pour over equipment as I did, JavaPresse have a nice guide up on their website you could read through.

Hopefully this gives you a head start into brewing a great cup of coffee yourself. If you’re a caffeine addict like myself, you’ll start seeing the savings almost immediately after you buy all of this equipment.

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