iPhone 6s – First Impressions

I switched over to an iPhone 6s recently and I’ve been really enjoying it and wanted to put up my initial impressions on it somewhere, so here ya go.


  • Touch ID is blazing fast and so much better than it was on my 5s. I barely see my lock screen anymore and I can only imagine this making Apple Pay a lot more efficient (haven’t gotten around to trying Pay out since Ireland doesn’t have it yet).
  • I was convinced that I wouldn’t enjoy using a bigger phone, but that hasn’t been the case. The bigger display makes it easier to type out texts resulting in lesser typos. Samsung (and others) obviously figured this out way before Apple did, but I’m glad the iPhone is bigger now. That said, I feel like 6s+ is just pushing it a bit too far. No thanks.
  • The camera is stunning and Live Photos have a lot of potential.
  • Hey Siri.


  • 3D Touch. I don’t particularly dislike this, but this still feels like a gimmick to me and I pretty much never use it except for maybe checking out Live Photos. Maybe developers implementing this will make it more useful? We’ll have to wait.
  • Battery. It’s not terrible, but nothing groundbreaking for someone coming from a 2013 phone. I was really hoping to see more improvement in this area.
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