Tech Habits – 2015

I wrote a follow-up to this piece in 2018

Thomas Ricker from The Verge noted how his tech habits have changed and in some ways, remained the same in the past year and I found the list quite interesting since I’ve gone through a lot of change in the past year in terms of how I use my tech. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of how I’ve fared this year.

Things that changed: 

  • I started the year with a subscription to Netflix and Hulu. I am currently subscribed to neither because I’ve *mostly* given up on watching TV as and started reading more on my ancient Kindle e-Ink. Was I successful? To an extent, yes. At least, going by my Goodreads page.
  • I’ve almost exclusively stopped making phone calls to my parents because they just got on Facebook and we make voice and video calls over Messenger instead. Win!
  • I started the year with a subscription to Rdio but now I’m on Apple Music because the former went out of business.
  • I started the year with absolutely no tracking of my movement for fitness but now I do — with my iPhone’s Health app and it has been glorious.
  • I started the year with an Evernote account but now I’ve entirely switched over to Simplenote because of it’s simplicity and ease of use.
  • I had no account on WhatsApp when I started the year and now I do because just being on Messenger is no longer enough to be in touch with my social circle.
  • I ditched Uber for Hailo because the latter just has a better presence in Ireland. Still fairly dependent on Uber when I’m traveling, though.
  • I find myself using Microsoft Office less and Quip more.
  • I’d only used a 3G network in 2014 but now my primary phone is on a 4G/LTE network. We’re getting there.

Things that remain the same: 

  • I made no changes to the hardware I use this year. I started the year with a mid-2013 MacBook Air which is still going strong and an iPhone 5s. I also own an Amazon Fire tablet that gets out of the drawer occasionally to help me out in the kitchen primarily as a recipe reference machine.
  • I still post more often on Instagram and Twitter than I do on Facebook because Messenger is where I’m most social.
  • Another year has passed I still live inside Google Chrome. This probably won’t change for awhile.
  • I didn’t have a TV set and I still don’t. Maybe I’ll get one in 2016. Maybe.
  • My iPhone 5s was and still is my primary and might I add only camera.
  • Still swear by a JBL Flip. It just works.