Apple Music — Thoughts

I recently made the jump to Apple Music as my streaming music service of choice from Rdio because they went bankrupt.

Choosing Apple Music wasn’t a tough call especially because I find Spotify’s UI repulsive. Period. That said, I’m not entirely happy with my choice and that’s what I’m addressing in this post with a quick run-down of my likes and dislikes about the service.


  1. Curated Playlists – Yes, Rdio had some great stations, but there’s something about the format in which playlists get curated and presented to the user here that is more appealing — especially the ‘For You’ tab. I’ve also discovered a lot of music in the 48 hours I’ve used the service. Win!
  2. Set any song from Apple Music as your iOS Alarm.
  3. Beats 1 – I never thought I’d listen to a radio station this much, but I do. I particularly love that I am listening to tracks that I otherwise won’t and that is expanding my music palette. Maybe this is how our forefathers discovered good music? #fullcircle


  1. Lack of social features – I can already hear you thinking “why don’t you just use Spotify instead?” While this might never change about Apple Music I find myself being increasingly nostalgic about going over a friend’s Rdio profile and discovering music from their playlists or listening to their “radio. “
  2. Third-Party App support – This is probably my biggest pet peeve about Apple Music. I’m huge on scrobbling music on – maybe even OCD about it but the lack of support in this area is just plain sad.
  3. Syncing plays between desktop and mobile – I’m starting to think they have not/cannot do this because Apple Music works inside iTunes which even Apple fans might agree, is the worst.
  4. Lack of a Web app – Seriously, it’s 2015. Apple has a great track record of *not* building web apps for most of their services so I’m more or less convinced this might never happen.
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